Opposition pres candidate to Baa atoll seeking public opinion

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has visited Baa atoll in hopes to seek public opinion for their campaign pledges.

The opposition presidential hopeful is expected to visit nine islands of Baa atoll with a grand rally scheduled at Thulhaadhoo on Saturday evening.

Solih confirmed he will be visiting various islands of the atoll seeking public opinion regarding important social and economical developments necessary for the people of the atoll; which would thus be included in the mult-party coalition's campaign manifesto.

After Maldives electoral watchdog accepted Solih and his running-mate Faisal Naseem's candidacy, the opposition candidate joyously stated one important step towards political reform has been completed.

However, Solih added, the challenges are still ahead and they need to put more effort in to the cause.

Solih also confirmed the multi-party coalition had initiated compiling their campaign pledges on Friday and will conclude within next two days time.

The MDP backed presidential candidate was confident the Maldives United Opposition (MUO) will emerge victorious in the upcoming presidential polls; scheduled for September 23.

Solih's trip to Baa atoll is accompanied by Jumhooree Party found Gasim Ibrahim's wife Aishath Nahula and other senior members of the coalition.