Opposition Pres candidate vows introducing income tax

Amid loud cries by thousands of Maldivian working class citizens to levy income tax from the nation's richest individuals, opposition presidential candidate has agreed to the sentiment.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) backed presidential candidate representing the opposition coalition on Monday claimed under his administration income tax will be introduced specifically targeted at the country's rich and elite.

During the press conference held on Monday Solih stressed the revenue generated to state coffers must be sufficient against the public's needs.

"To deflate the significant differences in wealth between the rich and poor I have always advocated for levying income tax, back in 2011 the bill was presented to parliament floors and we have included the same in our manifesto," Solih assured during the press conference.

Solih also claimed the country's government was responsible in providing sheltering for public, provide clean water and distillation as well as sewerage systems in inhabited islands as well as reduce the practice of public seeking donations to raise funds for serious medical matters.

The opposition presidential candidate also noted that the government was responsible in aiding families facing major financial setbacks. Solih claimed all these issues can be resolved through the implementation of a proper tax regulation.

Explaining about how the income tax will be levied, Solih noted it will be targeted towards the wealthy individuals of Maldives with fixed taxation rates; claiming it will be regarded as a progressive taxation method.

Details related to the income tax will be compiled as legislature under his administration, according to Solih.

Solih had also accused Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) of illicit monetary benefits, and vowed to put a stop to the tradition under his administration.

The opposition candidate vowed to introduce an independent tax appeal tribunal to lodge complaints and cases regarding taxation.

He also claimed the Maldives state will experience growth in wealth once acts of corruption and fraudulent activities practiced by the current government is brought to an end.