Sinamale' Bridge set for grand opening on Thursday

Housing Ministry has confirmed the Sinamale' Bridge - linking Maldives capital Male' City with Hulhule' Island - is set for a grand opening on Thursday.

The ministry also revealed the first 'bridge wedding' ceremony is slated around the same time, and added preparation for it is currently underway.

Earlier Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu stated the bridge will be opened around the end point of August but did not disclose an exact date.

A trusted source confirms to Avas Online the bridge opening is scheduled officially for Thursday, August 30.

Maldives government is attempting a grand opening for Sinamale' Bridge; which is regarded as the biggest infrastructural development project and by far one of the most significant development achievements in Maldives history.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) is reportedly arranging fireworks around the ring-road area (east end of Boduthakurufaanu Magu)

Additionally Housing Ministry is currently preparing to hold the 'wedding week' followed closely after the grand opening of the bridge; the wedding receptions will be held on the bridge platform, while all the said weddings are state sponsored.