RaajjeTV settles MVR2 mln fine to Maldives BroadCom

Opposition aligned RaajjeTV has settled the channel's latest fine on Sunday to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA).

The station was slapped with a MVR2 million in fines for airing content which, BroadCom specified as character defamation of incumbent president Abdulla Yameen.

Immediately after the channel was notified of their latest fine, RaajjeTV initiated a fundraiser by placing donation box at the station.

The channel was successful in raising the needed amount to settle BroadCom's fine, contributed by the channel's sympathizers and hordes of opposition supporters.

RaajjeTV settled their fine in cash at Broadcasting Commission on Sunday, while the channel stressed on the relative challenges its staff faced in raising the required amount.

"The commission members who slapped us with the fine might not understand how tumultuous a task this can be, but it was through the collective effort of our staff members that we were able to raise the fund to pay the fine. This shows we have gained the public's trust," the channel's head Hussain Fiyaz Moosa said.

The channel's main advocate stressed RaajjeTV will proceed to file a case on the matter at local court.

Under the defamation act, channels fined by BroadCom can file for appeal at local court if they are discontent about the commission's decision. RaajjeTV's lawyer further noted that the channel has not received detailed explanation from BroadCom regarding its decision to fine them.

The channel has been fined multiple times on previous occasions by Maldives BroadCom, and each time they have raised funds through donations.