Second tourist death at Velidhu Island Resort

A second tourist has passed away at Velidhu Island Resort of AA. atoll during a diving accident on Tuesday.

This is the second death of a tourist at the resort in the recent days.

The tourist's health deteriorated while diving and was taken to the Health Center of nearby Bodufulhadhoo island. He was en-route to Male' for further treatment via sea ambulance when he passed away.

MNDF reveals the man was brought to capital Male' around 2.30pm.

Speaking to AVAS, an official from state run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) revealed that the man had already passed way by the time he was brought to the hospital. The cause of his death is not clear at the time, said the official.

No authorities have revealed the nationality nor name of the tourist thus far.

Last week, a tourist at the same resort fatally drowned while out swimming. The number of tourist deaths occurring in Maldives have been increasing in the recent months.