JP to run for 46 constituencies; refutes rumors of an alliance

Ruling coalition partner Jumhooree Party has declared that they will not be giving up any of their targeted constituencies for the upcoming parliamentary election.

The declaration comes amid rumors that JP is in talks with PPM to form an alliance that backs each other by giving up certain seats in favour of the other.

The Chief Spokesperson of the party Ali Solih said the party will be contesting for 44 constituencies, out of which candidacy papers for 42 constituencies have already been filed at the Elections Commission. The remaining two candidates chosen by the party will be running as independent candidates backed by JP.

The two candidates who are running independently gave up the tickets for Lh. Kurendhoo constituency and ADh. Mahibadhoo constituency. While some claim the two tickets were given up in favour of candidates of another party, Ali Solih refuted the claims and confirmed that the rumors are false.

Ali Solih further indicated that it is the hope of the party that JP candidates would be endorsed by other parties, especially when they witness the magnitude of support JP candidates has.