Five locals arrested with alcohol

Five people have been arrested in capital Male' with bottles of alcohol.

Being an Islamic nation, alcohol is effectively banned for the local population in Maldives.

The police revealed that they executed an operation based on a tip received by the police, and caught the five individuals possessing alcohol, including an under-age child. All five were arrested on Thursday at 2.35 in the afternoon. A 23 and 24 year old, in addition to two 27 year old men were additionally arrested.

The group was traveling via three motorbikes carrying the alcohol on Ameenee Magu of capital Male'. After one motorbike was stopped and inspected, seven bottles of alcohol were discovered in a bag carried by the passenger. The passenger of the second motorbike also carried seven bottles.

When stopped by the police, the passenger of the third motorbike threw his bag and attempted to flee the scene. Although he was subsequently caught, the driver of the third motorbike was able to flee the scene.

14 bottles of alcohol were being carried by the third passenger.