Two suspected of drug trafficking arrested, released for second time

Hulhumale' Magistrate Court has released the two individuals who were arrested for a second time after the court released them due procedural errors after their initial arrest last Monday.

The two individuals were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday in their home in the reclaimed suburbs. Hulhumale' Magistrate Court stated that the suspects were released for a second time due to an oversight by Maldives Police Service while presenting the suspects to the courthouse to decide on their remand.

While a 52 year old woman was among the two arrested, they were first arrested with 3 kilograms of drugs on suspicions of drug trade in an operation executed on Monday night. The two individuals were released under Article 12 of the Criminal Procedural Laws, which necessitates for all pages of the court order to have the approving judge's name, signature and stamp. The court order issued on the request of the police had the necessary signatures and stamp on the last page of the document only, resulting in the release of the suspects.