'Breakfast Pilot Program had positive effects on students' - Education Minister

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has stated that the Student Breakfast pilot program implemented across 25 school in the Maldives was successful.

The provision of a nutritious breakfast for children studying in the morning session was a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Moamed Solih. On Tuesday, the program was expanded and implemented in all school across Maldives.

Speaking at the function held at Thaajudheen School on Tuesday to inaugurate the school breakfast program, Minister Aishath Ali said today was an important day in the history of the archipelago.

"Today, students coming to school on empty stomachs will come to an end. We are implementing this [program] because we are confident that it would help with your education and studies, your behavior and discipline and physical growth", she said.

The Minister further said the results of the pilot program show that the students are healthier due to the program.

"The results of the program show that the attentiveness of the students have increased, and the number of student who are late to school has also decreased. The [number of students] suffering fainting spells during the assembly has decreased. The number of students going to the Health Room due to headaches and stomachaches have also declined", said the Minister.

The Minister said it is not just the students that are positively effected by the program, and stated that the program has been beneficial economically, with positive impacts on farming and and businesses.