Five die after speedboat capsizes off Hanimaadhoo island

Five out of the ten people rescued after a speed boat capsized have passed away.

MNDF said the speedboat capsized off Hanimaadho island while traveling from Nolhivaram island of the same atoll. While seven passengers were initially rescued and taken to Hanimaadhoo for treatment, the remaining two women and child were subsequently located.

All passengers were taken to Hanimaadhoo Health Center. The health center has confirmed to AVAS that a man, two women and a child involved in the tragic incident have passed away.

It is reported that four out of the five casualties belong to the same family: a couple, their daughter and five year old grand child.

In a press conference, MNDF revealed none of the passengers on the 23-feet speedboat were wearing life jackets although alerts had been issued to the area of travel. Although the journey between the two islands takes ten minutes, speedboats avoid the route of travel due to rough seas during 'Hulhangu' monsoon, said MNDF.