No issues with food provided under School Breakfast Program - Ministry

Education Ministry has confirmed that there were no issues with the breakfast provided to the student of Huvadhoo School at Fares Mathoda under the student breakfast program.

Social media posts claimed a maggot was found in the food served to students of Huvadhoo School on Monday.

A statement released by the ministry said they dispatched a team from the ministry to the island to investigate the matter when the reports came to their attention. The team found there were no issues with the food, informed the ministry.

While the caterer provided the food items early Monday morning at 6:35 am, the food was served to the students at 7:25 am according to the policies of the school breakfast program.

After breakfast, the contractors left with their items by 7:45 am.

Assuring that the video making its rounds on social media were not of the food served in the school breakfast program, the ministry said the video showed food that were being consumed by some staff at the school.