Promoting Quranic knowledge is a top priority – VP

Vice President Faisal Naseem has prompted the National Center for the Holy Quran to bolster its role in fostering Quranic teachings and religious culture.

The Vice President made the remarks while speaking to the management and staff during a visit to the institution Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice President highlighted on the administration’s policy of extending the reach of the institution and noted that with the reconstitution of the mandate of the institution, it now bears greater responsibilities.

Speaking in this regard, he highlighted the increased need to train more Quran teachers and expand the institution’s capacity in the atolls.

The Vice President also advised the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the institution to do everything possible to recommence the work of its branches in the atolls, to ensure the spread of Quranic teachings, especially among the younger generations.

During the visit, the Vice President toured and inspected the institution and inquired about the difficulties and challenges faced by its staff.

The National Center for the Holy Quran was established in December 2000 under the Islamic Affairs Ministry and entrusted with promoting Quranic knowledge and sciences.