'Youth are the backbone of the society' - Minister Imran

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that the nation's youth are the backbone of the society.

The minister made his remark while addressing at the closing ceremony of the Young Leaders Forum held at Aa. Mathiveri.

In his speech, Minister Imran said a country's advancement depends on the strength of its youth. The future of society and how it will be shaped will be reflected in the conduct of the country's youth, he noted, adding that the state of the country in the future can predicted by looking at the youth of today.

"Therefore, it should be our priority to ensure our youth are healthy, creative and skilled, if we wish to brighten the country's future. If we wish to be happy in the future, if we want to lead content lives tomorrow, if we wish for wealth and prosperity for the country, we have to begin with our youth", he said.