Child abuse cases still rising

The official statistics publicized by the gender ministry has revealed an increase in cases of child abuse.

According to the monthly statistics compiled by the Ministry, last September there were 125 presented cases of child abuse. This is a 23 percent increase compared to August.

The statistics of reported abuse exhibited 24 cases of sexual abuse, 27 cases of physical abuse, and 37 cases of child negligence. Furthermore, there was three cases of reported child prostitution, three cases of cyber-bullying, and four cases in which children were bullied by their peers.

Last September there was a total of 26 family cases presented. As such, eight of these concerned child access, along with twelve related to child protection and six related to child support.

The statistics further exhibited 41 cases of reported gender-specific abuse, with mainly various forms of physical abuse. However, nine cases of psychological abuse and five cases of sexual abuse were also included. Twelve of these cases were presented last September.

As per the official statistics, there were sixteen cases related to caring for the disabled, and seven related to caring for the elderly. In addition to this, there was also nine reported cases of self-harm reported to the Ministry last September.