Maldivians evacuated from Wuhan to arrive on Tuesday

Maldivians evacuated to India from Wuhan, China following the coronavirus pandemic will be traveling back to Maldives on Tuesday after completing a14-day quarantine period at New Delhi.

The seven Maldivians were evacuated to India on a special Air India flight arranged by the Indian government to evacuate their citizens on February 2. A child is included among the seven.

While all seven Maldivians tested negative to the coronavirus, they will be released from the quarantine facility in Chawla, New Delhi sometime tonight, AVAS has been informed. Travel arrangements have been made for them to fly back to the Maldives tomorrow morning.

Over 1500 people have died globally thus far after being infected by the coronavirus. All direct inbound flights from China to Maldives has been suspended as a precaution to prevent the virus from reaching Maldives.