Covid 19: State hospital places visitor restrictions

As a precautionary measure of the COVID-19 that is escalating across the globe, the government's main hospital, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has placed visitor restrictions.

A statement issued by IGMH said the hospital is suspending visitors to the hospital from Sunday onward due to COVID-19 fears.

“However, a guardian with the necessary passes can stay with the patient," said the statement.

IGMH urges not to visit the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

COVID-19 that originated in China has been spreading across the globe, and has now reached the Maldives as well. The government authorities have been taking the necessary safety and security measures. Subsequently, the government have been urging the public not travel overseas if it is avoidable and advises not to visit people having fever, cold and avoid large gatherings.

Two expatriates who were working at the Lh. Kuredu Island Resort was tested positive for the virus on Saturday. However, the government has not revealed the nationality of the two individuals.

The two employees infected with Covid-19 was identified, after an Italian tourist holidayed in the Maldives tested positive for the virus post return from the Maldives. Health Minister Abdulla Ameen said in a news conference held Saturday night, the task of identifying the points of contacts of the Italian tourist who holidayed in the Maldives is being carried out. He further said any persons who came in contact with the tourist and exhibits symptoms of the virus would be tested for COVID-19.