COVID-19: Italian tourist's condition declines

The condition of the COVID-19 patient at Dharumavantha Hospital in capital Male' has declined, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed.

Speaking at a press conference held Friday, Dr. Moosa Murad said a 70-year old Italian tourist who had tested positive for the virus from Sandies Bathala Island Resort is receiving treatment at the designated facility at Dharumavantha Hospital, and that his condition has declined when compared to when he was initially admitted.

While his body is having trouble maintaining oxygen levels, he is currently being given oxygen, said the doctor. However, his condition does not require for him to be placed on a ventilator, said Dr. Murad. Besides being unable to maintain oxygen levels, he is otherwise fine, said the doctor.

During a previous press conference, Dr. Murad had revealed that the designated unit at the 11th floor of Dharumavantha Hospital has the capacity to treat 10 critical patients simultaneously.

Nine cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the Maldives thus far.