Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital to commence COVID-19 testing

The government has revealed that work is underway to commence COVID-19 testing in Kulhudhuffishi City.

Spokesperson of National Emergency Response Centre (NEOC), Mabrook Azeez on Sunday said a PCR machine will be installed in Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital within ten days and testing will be initiated. Mabrook added that a PCR machine will be installed in southernmost Addu City. The required lab technician trainings has been completed for the southern and northern part of the Maldives, said Mabrook. He said the new machines can test up to 150 samples per day.

A BioFire machine has been installed in Addu City and testing commenced in the southernmost city on Sunday. It enables the testing of 24 samples per day.

The government has revealed that the islands of Maldives have been grouped into five zones, and testing for COVID-19 will be carried out in five islands of the Maldives.