Will contend in next presidential election: MP Jabir

MP Abdulla Jabir, Leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), has said he would contest in the presidential election of 2023 with DRP’s ticket.

Jabir submitted a proposition to the parliament on dissolving Local Government Authority (LGA) formed under the Decentralization Act. On Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, no member debated on the proposal. Jabir was provided with the opportunity to state a final comment on his proposal.

Speaking at the sitting, Jabir said he was trying to explain what his proposal said to the members of main-ruling party, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) before 'it was too late', stressing that the existing structure of the councils is outdated and uneconomical. Jabir said it is a pity that the MDP members did not debate on the issue of formulating a constructive structure for the councils, .

"For sure, there will not be such a structure in the decentralisation system during the DRP’s tenure. I will contest in the presidential election of 2023 and will defeat MDP, the way I won Kaashidhoo constituency [seat],” said Jabir.

He added that the DRP's administration would not be uneconomical, and there will not be unnecessary political posts. The structure will be economical, and the public will benefit from it, stressed Jabir.

Jabir warned that the public is watching how MDP is exerting undue influence using its supermajority power. “I advise the public not to vote for MDP," said Jabir expressing his distress towards MDP members for not debating on his proposal.

In 2019, Jabir contested in MDP primary for the parliamentary election. However, he did not win in the primary after which he filed a case with the Supreme Court to contend as an independent candidate. As per the then election law, those who do not win in the party primary cannot contest in the election. However, the Supreme Court ruled that those who did not succeed in the parties’ primaries can contest in the election, and the particular clause on the election law contradicts the constitution. Thus, Jabir contested as an independent candidate and won the Kaashidhoo seat.