80kg of drugs seized in Addu operation: Police

Over 80kg of drugs were seized in the drug operation carried out in Addu city, Maldives Police Service has revealed.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Saturday revealed that a large number of people were arrested and a significant amount of drugs were siezed in a counter narcotics operation underway in the southernmost atoll. The commissioner said the operation was being executed jointly by the Drug Enforcement Department, Drug Intelligence Unit, Divisional Intelligence Department, Marine Police and South Police Division. No further details of the operation were shared at the time.

Some Pakistani medias also reported that Pakistan’s Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) intelligence wing and international forces seized billions of dollars worth of drugs during an operation in the Arabian Sea bordering the Maldives. According to the news agencies, an effective operation was carried out in the international waters of the Maldives.

However, Commissioner of Police in a tweet posted on Sunday said the operation was carried out solely on locally developed intelligence and policing. The police will be engaging with international partners as the investigation progresses, he added. Approximately 80kg of drugs were seized in Addu, said the commissioner.