Commercial flights to operate to Hoarafushi Airport within a week

Commercial flights will operate to Ha. Hoarafushi Airport within a week of its opening, the Transport Ministry has said.

The development of Hoarafushi Airport, a project initiated by the former administration, is nearing completion, and will land its first test flight on Monday. The airport will be officially opened on November 17th, the two-year anniversary of the current government.

Transport Minister Aishath Nahula said the airport will be opened on Tuesday, and that the first commercial flight will operate to the airport a week after that. However, she did not comment on the number of weekly flights, or the airfare.

The airport will have a 1.2 kilometer long runway, an 8635 square meter apron as well as a taxiway, service roads, parking area and a fire access road. A 720 meter area has been fenced to separate the airport from other areas of the island. The airport was developed by state owned MTCC.

The development of Hoarafushi Airport was initiated by the former government of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. An area of 16 hectares was dredged for MVR 64 million for the purpose.